Introducing the Mouldboard Plough / Furrow Plough / Light Duty Furrow Plow

The mouldboard plough, also known as furrow plough or light duty furrow plow, has been a mainstay in agricultural practices for centuries. Evolved from primitive wooden tools to a sophisticated piece of machinery, the plough is a testament to human innovation in farming techniques.

History and Classification

While the origins of the plough can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, the mouldboard plough was only introduced in the 18th century. It revolutionized farming by turning over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface while burying weeds and the remains of previous crops, thus acting as a natural fertilizer.

The mouldboard plough can be classified into various types based on the number of furrows they can create, the type of land they are used on, and the power source they require.


  • High productivity: With a working width of 600mm and a working depth of 15-25cm, it ensures efficient ploughing.
  • Reliability: The plough point is made of 65Mn Spring Steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to use: It can be easily mounted with a tractor using a 3-point linkage.

Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Installation of the mouldboard plough is straightforward, requiring a tractor for power. Periodic checks and maintenance, such as checking the plough point for wear and tear, will ensure its longevity. In case of any repairs, we provide free spare parts as part of our after-sales service.

About Our Company

Our company, a leading player in the worm reducer market, also offers premium quality mouldboard ploughs. With a production capacity of 200,000 sets and over 300 sets of fully automatic CNC production equipment, we ensure high-quality products at competitive prices.

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Our mouldboard ploughs are ISO9001 certified and come with a 1-year warranty. We also provide a machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection for assurance of quality.

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Choose our mouldboard plough for its high productivity, durability, and excellent after-sales service. We look forward to serving your farming needs.