Sca Soundless Rock Demolition Cracking Powder Silent Split Agent Expansive Mortar

Sca Soundless Rock Demolition Cracking Powder Silent Split Agent Expansive Mortar

What is actually CRACK AGENT / Expansive Mortar?

CRACK AGENT (Expansive Mortar) is a type of powEPTwith incredible eighteen,000 PSI expansive strength when mixed with typical drinking water. Poured into holes, CRACK AGENT breaks reinforced concrete amp rock properly and quietly, whilst offering SILENT cracking. Considering that CRACK AGENT offers managed demolition according to drilling styles, it is really straightforward to crack reinforcedconcrete and all kinds of stone into preferred dimensions and shapes, without having noise, vibration or dust.

In demolition, concrete slicing amp excavating industry, CRACK AGENT will help you to crack bolstered concrete and rock into chunks, so you may possibly very easily reduce off rebar, haul it absent with a crane or truck with no hurt remaining portion.

In mining and quarrying market, CRACK AGENT aids to achieve perfect slabs and blocks from limestone, onyx, marble, granite or any other type of stone you are working with. Compares to blasting, CRACK AGENT avoids squander of valuable stone, substantial insurance coverage, expensive storage and labor. CRACK AGENT can also be applied aEPT with traditional methods like primer twine, hydraulic breaker, diamond blade noticed and jackhammer to assist cut price, work time and increase protection, In addition silent operation, CRACK AGENT is ideal for residential, school and airport region. CRACK AGENT helps your operate to turn out to be a lot more productive and cost successful.

Dependent on diverse working temperature, there are four types of crack agent for your option.

How to use


one. Drill holes making use of an air hammer drill and proper drill little bit certain to the rock sort.

two. Holes should be drilled no additional than thirty-60cm (1ft-2ft) aside. Observe: In strengthened concrete advised no far more than 20cm (8 quot) aside.

3. Advisable gap diameter 38mm – 50mm (1 frac12 quot – 2. quot). Depth would be 70-90% of the way based on the kind of rock/content to be taken out.

MiXiHu (West Lake)

1. For typical protection causes and miXiHu (West Lake) tiny quantities by hand, it is suggested to use rubber gloves.

2. In a bucket, merge one.5 Liters of h2o to 1 5kgs bag of CRACK AGENT. Or pour drinking water and CRACK AGENT as a rate of one:three models by excess weight.

3. Blend effectively, utilizing a drill and paddle is advisable. If miXiHu (West Lake) with a stick or other approach, make sure powEPTis completely dissolved into the drinking water. Blend to a slurry.


one. Thoroughly clean holes ahead of filling employing air hose eliminate extra dust from drilling.

2. CRACK AGENT slurry ought to be poured into holes inside 10-15 min. following miXiHu (West Lake) Do not fill to the best, only fill the holes about 15mm ( frac12 quot to one quot) from the top.

three. Blend effectively and pour into holes although agitating the gap to make sure no air gaps are in the gap. Example: Using a piece of rod or stick to poke holes.

four. For Horizontal holes, a grouting pump would be most reputable to inadequate.


The cracks appear in 40-sixty min. following filling, based on the climate,rocks, and concrete sort. The cracks turn out to be wiEPTwithin time (maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mun forty eight hrs expXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. time).


Positive aspects

1. Wonderful Expansive Ability

Remarkable eighteen,000 PSI expansive energy when combined with widespread water.

two. Easy to use

No formal education needed ahead of use. Just mix with h2o and then fill into holes. As soon as blended with clear drinking water, CRACK AGENT can be poured into holes pre-drilled in the materials you are operating with It can be poured into the same holes that hazardous explosives are generally positioned in.

three. Non-Explosive amp Environmentally Helpful

An option to blasting, diamond blade saw, hydraulic breaker and jackhammer, which is safer, a lot more successful, works with no noise, vibration, dust by offering silent expansive cracking.

four. Performs Proficiently and Price Properly

No Particular License, education or tools required.

Package deal

one. Initial stage: 5kg in plastic bag
2. Next phase: 4 plastic bags in 1 carton
3. Third action: 50-sixty cartons on each wooden or plastic pallet.


  • Effectively made gap drilling sample will reduce usage of CRACK AGENT by slicing into preferred measurements.

  • To insure good results, CRACK AGENT demands Free Room to expand to.

  • For far better results, it is EPTant to note the two air and substance temperature. Material temperature is the temperature inside of the rock or concrete which can be different from the air temperature.

  • In summertime, the very best time to use CRACK AGENT is in the night when materials temperature is cool.

  • In summertime, include holes from immediate sunligEPT to stay away from blow-out. Instance: employing a tarp or moist hay to provide shade.

  • If CRACK AGENT fully dries into powEPTand did NOT crack, pour additional water onto CRACK AGENT crammed holes.

  • When making use of CRACK AGENT on hugely absorbent materials like concrete, the holes should be dampened prior to the mortar is poured, making positive nevertheless, that there is no presence of drinking water.

  • Clean mortar must be poured into holes in 5 minutes soon after miXiHu (West Lake)

  • The workers want to consider synchronized procedure, eEPTly to hard stone. The quantity of holes every employee accountable to fill has to be average. EPTking synchronized actions when miXiHu (West Lake), stirring and filling will direct to maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum expansive stress with all holes expand at the identical time.

  • When miXiHu (West Lake), if CRACK AGENT starts to steam in container, add some drinking water to dilute and process appropriately.

EPT Safeguards

#8226Make certain that everyone operating with CRACK AGENT understands the chance of blowouts, and has go through the specialized guidelines totally.

#8226CRACK AGENT is a highly alkaline solution, pH reaches 13 after speak to with drinking water and can result in severe discomfort to mucous membranes, eEPTly eyes. Skin and eye contacts with CRACK AGENT must be rinsed off with big amounts of cold water quickly with out rubbing. Seek the advice of a physician swiftly.

#8226Wear basic safety goggles and rubber gloves in the course of CRACK AGENT dealing with, miXiHu (West Lake) and filling. Dust-evidence mask is suggested in improperly ventilated regions this kind of as tunnels or mines.

#8226Plug the holes immediately following filling and go over the holes with straw mat. Maintain your encounter away from the holes filled by mortar. Continue to be away from crammed holes at the very least three hrs following filling to stay away from blow-out shot. Maintain individuals absent from occupation website soon after filling .

#8226Warm or effervescent mortar is forbidden to fill into holes. After loaded holes start off to smoke or steam, that is the signal they may possibly be about to blow out. Very clear the region of folks quickly.

#8226Keep people away from jobsite soon after filling holes. In situation of people have to continue to be in the region, cover stuffed holes with a tarpaulin.

#8226EPTke treatment of fall of cracked block from the cracking item.

Sca Soundless Rock Demolition Cracking Powder Silent Split Agent Expansive Mortar

Sca Soundless Rock Demolition Cracking Powder Silent Split Agent Expansive Mortar