Waste Tire Recycling Machine Rubber Powder Equipment

Waste Tire Recycling Machine Rubber Powder Equipment

Squander tire recycling EPT rubber powEPTequipment

Waste tire recycling EPTs are utilised to make rubber powder.

The method stream is: Waste tires-circle chopping-strip chopping-block cutting-grind into powder-magnetic separating–fiber separation-EPT-put in storage.

QQJ-40 Tire Circle Cutter

Software: It’s utilised for separating the sidewall of the waste tire from its tire crown.

Title of product Motor EPT Fat Capability Specification
QQJ-forty Tire Circle Cutter 4 KW 650 kg 40pcspcs/h 650- 1250 mm
(Both strengthened tire and nylon tires)

SWS-100 Metal wire separator

Application: It’s used for separating the rubber on the tire circle mouth from bead ring, resulting in a comprehensive bead ring.

Identify SWS-one hundred Steel wire separator EPT sort metal wire separator
Motor EPT eleven KW 18.five+one.5kw
Potential 100pcs/h 120pcs/h
L*W*H one.2*one.four*one.4m 1.7*one.six*one.5m
Fat 1300 kg 1600kg

QTJ-390 Tire Strip Cutter

Application:It’s utilized for cutting the tire tread and sidewall into strips 5*8cm.

QTJ-390 Tire Strip Cutter
Identify Technical parameter
Motor EPT 5.5 KW
Potential About 1000kg/h
Motor speed 45r/min
L*W*H 1.3m*.8m*1.65m
Excess weight 850 kg
Specification of cutting strip 3-8cm broad strip

QKJ-358 Tire Slice Cutter

Application:It really is utilized for cutting the strips into little slice about three*five*8cm.

QKJ-358 Common Tire Slice Cutter Up to date Tire Slice Cutter
Title Complex parameter Technological parameter
Motor EPT 5.5 KW 18.5kw
Capacity 800kg/h 1300kg/h
Specification of slicing slice 3*five*6cm three*five*8cm
L*W*H 1.*.8*1.4m one.3*one.1*1.5m
Bodyweight 800 kg 1200kg

XKP Tire Crusher (With 5Cr6MnMo rollers)

Software:It’s utilized for grinding the slice into smaller sized mesh powder by means of the vibrating display as you need to have.

Product No. XKP350 XKPfour hundred XKP450 XKP560 XKP560L
Diameter of front roll three hundred mm (groove) four hundred mm (groove) 450 mm (groove) 560 mm (groove) 560 mm (groove)
Diameter of back roll three hundred mm (groove) 400 mm (groove) 450 mm (groove) 510 mm (groove) 560 mm (groove)
Drum working duration 500mm 600mm 760mm 800mm 1000mm
Front roll liner pace 26.2m/min 34.5 m/min 38. m/min 40.6m/min 44m/min
Roll ratio one:2.five one:two.five 1:2.5 one:two.5 one:2.5
Max roller spacing 10mm ten mm 10 mm ten mm 10mm
Motor EPT 30KW/37KW 45KW/55KW 75KW /90KW 90KW/110KW 132KW/160KW
Weight 6T eight.5 T 11T 17.5T 21T
L*W*H three.five*1.six*1.5m four.3*1.8*1.6m four.six*two.*one.65m 5.three*2.*1.7m five.six*two.*1.7m
Equally rollers are grooved which can improve the output.
Roller material is Alloy 5Cr6MnMo.
There are eight items bearing inside of the EPT , all rolling bearing.

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Waste Tire Recycling Machine Rubber Powder Equipment

Waste Tire Recycling Machine Rubber Powder Equipment