Rubber Steel Wire Separator Machine Tire Recycling Shredder OTR Tire Cutting Machine

Rubber Steel Wire Separator Machine Tire Recycling Shredder OTR Tire Cutting Machine

rubber metal wire separator EPT tire recycling shredEPTOTR tire slicing EPT

Fully automated tyre recycling EPT for rubber material

one. Procedure waste tire into various size of rubber components as request, this kind of as rubber blocks, rubber mulch, rubber granule, rubber powder, and so on
2. Siemens PLC handle system
three. The tyre recycling method is created to approach EPT waste tire into smaller sized dimension of rubber as request. This sort of as fifty-150mm TDS rubber blocks from tire shredder, and ten-30mm wire-cost-free rubber mulch from rasper EPT, one-6mm rubber granule from granulator, thirty-120mesh rubber powEPTfrom rubber powEPTgrinding EPT
4. The waste tire can approach incEPT car tire, truck tire, and huge OTR tire.
five. The ultimate rubber high quality is high and clean, the wire steel and nylon fiber will be 100% seprated.

In depth image in tyre recycling EPT:

one. Wire-puller EPT
It is created to draw out the wire metal from tire bead.

Product No. Solitary-TD1200 Double-TD1200
Feed dimension of tire(mm) le phi1200mm le phi1200mm
Potential(tire/h) 40 eighty
EPT(kw) 7.five eighteen.5kw
General dimensions(m) 4.1*one.three*1.75m 4.five*one.5*one.8m
Products bodyweight(T) 2.8 3.five
Value 7,800usd 13,400usd

two. OTR tire slicing EPT:
OTR Tire cutters are designed by approval American Technologies EPTly to minimize large OTR tires. Siemens Motor push hydraulic program and cylinder,spot the tire betwork to lock arm, fasten two blades rotating in between tire and shear cylinders operate to transfer, two blades rotating blades forming shear, obtain the impact of shear. It can method the OTR tire up to 4m.

three. Double shaft tire shredder:
It to made to shred EPT tire into rubber chips, 50-150mm as request

Model Input measurement Output dimension Ability Motor Blades amount Proportions WeigEPT
TS-800 50*50mm one-2T/h two*22kw 16pcs 4×2.6×3.2m 8T
TS-1200 1200mm sixty*60mm three-5T/h two*37kw 20pcs 4.8×2.8×3.5m 14T
TS-1600 1600mm fifty-150mm 6-8T/h two*45kw sixteen-30pcs 5x2x3.4m 18T
TS-1800 1800mm fifty-150mm seven-10T/h two*55Kw 20-24pcs 5.6x2x3.4m 23T
TS-2000 2000mm 75-200mm ten-15T/h two*75kw twenty-30pcs 6×2.4x4m 36T
TS-2400 2400mm one hundred-200mm twenty-30T/h two*110kw sixteen-24pcs 7.4×3.2×5.2m 56T

It is EPTly made to take away wire metal from tire, and approach the rubber chips from tire shredEPTinto 10-30mm rubber mulch. The wire from tire was separated in this action.

Design R-315 R-132 R-ninety R75 R55 R45
Capacity 3-6t/h one.5-3t/h one-one.5t/h 700kg-1t/h five hundred-700kg/h 300-500kg/h
Poder 315kw 132kw 90kw 75kw 55kw 45kw
Weight 24000kg 6100kg 4200kg 3500kg 1850kg 1700kg
Voltage As request
Size ten-30mm

five. Granulator
It is made to method the rubber mulch into 1-6mm rubber granule, and separate the nylon fiber in this action.

Model G-ninety G-forty five G-37
EPT 90kw 45kw 37kw
Potential 800-1500kg/h 500-800kg/h 300-500kg/h
Closing dimensions one-6mm one-6mm 1-6mm
Weight 5600mm 3300mm 2950mm

six. Miller/Rubber powEPTEPT
It is developed to method the rubber granule into wonderful rubber powEPT30-120mesh as ask for

Software of rubber substance:

Shipping and delivery of tire recycling EPTs

Rubber Steel Wire Separator Machine Tire Recycling Shredder OTR Tire Cutting Machine

Rubber Steel Wire Separator Machine Tire Recycling Shredder OTR Tire Cutting Machine