Trailer Axle Complete with Wheel Hub for Box Trailer



Trailer Axle Complete with Wheel Hub for Box Trailer

This box trailer axle is complete with a wheel hub, designed for a maximum payload of 2000kg. The axle is made from 45# steel, and is available in a square 45x45mm free length size. This trailer part is certified under ISO/TS16949 and boasts a 2t capacity. The axle beam is square, painted, and treated for durability. The axle is securely packaged and fastened on a pallet for delivery from the ports of Qingdao, Shanghai, or Ningbo in China.

Product Details and Maintenance

This trailer axle is a complete set with a wheel hub, ideal for box trailers. Its large payload of 2000kg makes it suitable for heavy-duty tasks, and the sturdy 45# steel material ensures long-term durability. The square 45x45mm free length size provides flexibility for different trailer types. Having been certified under ISO/TS16949, this trailer axle meets the highest international quality standards. The axle features a painted surface treatment to resist wear and tear, extending its lifespan. When it comes to maintenance and replacement, the axle is designed to be easily accessible, making these processes straightforward and hassle-free.

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  1. What is the maximum payload of this trailer axle?
    The maximum payload of this trailer axle is 2000kg.
  2. What material is the trailer axle made from?
    The trailer axle is made from 45# steel.
  3. How is the trailer axle packaged for delivery?
    The trailer axle is securely packaged and fastened on a pallet for delivery.