Trailer Axle Complete with 6″ Wheel Hub Kit



The Trailer Axle Complete with 6″ Wheel Hub Kit is a significant part of trailer components. Designed specifically for trailer use, this part is made from 45# steel, known for its strength and durability. The axle has a maximum payload capacity of 1000kg and comes in a square size of 40x40mm with free length. This product is ISO/TS16949 certified and has a capacity of 1t. The axle is assembled and has been treated with paint for further protection. The axle beam is square and can be customized according to customer demands. The kit is packaged securely on a pallet for transport and can be shipped via Qingdao, Shanghai, or Ningbo ports in China.

The Trailer Axle Complete with 6″ Wheel Hub Kit is a highly versatile and resilient product, designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. The axle is made from 45# steel, a material recognized for its superior strength and durability. This ensures that the axle can handle heavy loads, making it ideal for use in trailers. Moreover, the axle comes with a 6″ wheel hub kit, which includes inner L68149/L68110 and outer LM12749/LM12710 bearings, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. The axle is also ISO/TS16949 certified, indicating its adherence to stringent international standards of quality and safety. The axle’s square beam and optional sizes offer flexibility in terms of fitting and installation. As for maintenance, the axle’s painted surface aids in its protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring minimal upkeep. Replacing the axle is straightforward, as it comes as an assembly, simplifying the process and ensuring compatibility with trailer parts.

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Q: What is the payload capacity of the Trailer Axle Complete with 6″ Wheel Hub Kit?

A: The maximum payload capacity of the axle is 1000kg.

Q: What are the bearings included in the 6″ wheel hub kit?

A: The kit includes inner L68149/L68110 and outer LM12749/LM12710 bearings.

Q: How is the axle protected against rust and corrosion?

A: The axle is surface treated with paint to protect it against rust and corrosion.