Tractor Mounted Agricultural Disc Plow


Introducing a top-quality tractor mounted agricultural disc plow with a one-year warranty. This product is suitable for various industries and weighs 160 KG. While it doesn’t have a physical showroom location, a video outgoing-inspection is provided. Additionally, the machinery test report is available on request. This is a new product for 2023, and the warranty of core components is also for one year. The core components include bearings. The type of plow is a disc plow, primarily used for tractors. It’s condition is brand new and one of its key selling points is high productivity. It comes in a packaging of 50 pieces packed in one pallet.

The disc plow is a vital implement in the agricultural industry, renowned for its high productivity and durability. With a weight of 160KG, this plow is designed to offer unmatched performance in various soil conditions. The disc plow’s core component is the bearing, which is built for longevity and ensures smooth operation. Users can feel confident in their purchase with a one-year warranty on both the product and its core components. The disc plow is specifically designed for use with tractors, providing a seamless fit and easy installation. Maintenance and replacement are straightforward, with readily available components and a comprehensive user guide. With its robust construction and high productivity, this disc plow is set to revolutionize your farming activities.

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1. What is the weight of the disc plow?

The disc plow weighs 160 KG.

2. What is the warranty period for the disc plow?

The disc plow comes with a one-year warranty.

3. What are the core components of the disc plow?

The core components of the disc plow are the bearings.