Replacement Longwood Hydraulic Grapple Cylinder



If you’re in the market for a high-quality, durable hydraulic grapple cylinder, look no further than the Replacement Longwood Hydraulic Grapple Cylinder. This product is categorized under Bobcat, Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, Replacement Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, and Welded Cylinders. Manufactured by Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinders, this grapple cylinder functions as the main component of a grapple bucket. Compatible with Skid Steer/Compact Track Loaders, it carries the SKU 1918468171. This robust cylinder weighs 22 lbs and features a bore size of 2.00″, a rod size of 1.25″, and a stroke of 8.00″.

The Replacement Longwood Hydraulic Grapple Cylinder is designed to provide long-lasting service in demanding applications. It boasts a double-acting function, allowing for smooth and efficient operation. The welded rod construction is sturdy and reliable, designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty tasks. The bore size of 2.00″ and stroke of 8.00″ ensure optimal hydraulic performance, while the rod size of 1.25″ provides the strength needed for effective grapple operation. As with all hydraulic cylinders, it’s important to maintain this product properly. Regular inspection for leaks, wear, and tear, along with timely replacement of seals, can significantly extend the cylinder’s lifespan.

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Q: What is the weight of the Replacement Longwood Hydraulic Grapple Cylinder?

A: It weighs 22 lbs.

Q: What are the bore and stroke sizes of this cylinder?

A: The bore size is 2.00″ and the stroke is 8.00″.

Q: What type of equipment is this cylinder compatible with?

A: It’s compatible with Skid Steer/Compact Track Loaders.