Overlay Axle Assembly Electric Braked for Caravan Trailers Trailer Accessories for RV use with Axle Trailer



The overlay axle assembly is a unique product designed for travel trailers, particularly caravans. It boasts an OE number of AC005 and has a maximum payload of 3000kg per axle. The size of the electric brake is 12 inches, and the surface treatment options include being galvanized, painted black, or dacromet. The axle beam is square, and the material used is 45# steel. The model number is overlay axle, and the product is packaged by fastening these trailer axle assemblies together. The port of dispatch is QINGDAO.

The overlay axle is a critical part of any caravan trailer. This type of axle is manufactured from solid medium tensile steel, with the stub axles welded on top of the main structural beam. This design lowers the trailer height by the distance from the centre of the beam to the centre of the stub axle. For example, on a 45 mm square overlay axle of 1450 kg capacity, the trailer height is lowered by 45mm compared to a straight axle of the same capacity. This lower trailer height results in better stability and lower wind resistance when towing. It also makes accessing the trailer easier. This axle style is widely used by the caravan industry as it offers a strong, reasonably priced, lower ride height axle option. Overlay axles manufactured by Airui have undergone extensive evaluation of weld strength, assuring you of the product’s quality.

Shaoxing Pengxin, a Sino-US joint venture manufacturer, offers this exceptional overlay axle. The company has partnered with a renowned trailer axle company in America since 2006 and sold 1,000,000 pieces of brake assembly in 2012 alone. It boasts CSA, ISO9001/TS16949 certifications and employs advanced detection equipment and a powerful technical force. Shaoxing Pengxin is dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Check out their overlay axle assembly today and discover why their product is the best choice for your travel trailer. Don’t wait, explore the benefits of their products now!


Q: What is the axle made of?
A: The axle is made from solid medium tensile 45# steel.

Q: How does the overlay axle lower the trailer height?
A: The stub axles are welded on top of the main structural beam, effectively lowering the trailer height equal to the distance from the centre of the beam to the centre of the stub axle.

Q: What is the maximum payload the axle can handle?
A: The maximum payload is 3000kg per axle.