Maximize Your Farming Efficiency with the Adjustable Tractor Rear Grader Blade


Introducing the Adjustable Tractor Rear Grader Blade, a top-tier product designed to enhance your farming experience. With a one-year warranty and weighing just 140KG, this land leveler is an indispensable tool for all farming industries. Crafted with a scraper blade as its core component, it guarantees long service life and unmatched performance. The blade is made from 65Mn Spring Steel, known for its remarkable durability.

The Adjustable Tractor Rear Grader Blade is not just a product; it’s a solution to many challenges faced in the farming sector. Its three significant advantages are increased productivity, safety, and versatility. The blade is designed for leveling the land, making it easier for farmers to prepare their fields for planting. With its robust construction, it ensures safe operations, minimizing the chances of accidents. Moreover, it’s highly versatile; besides leveling land, it can be used for fence installation, tree and shrub planting, and foundation and excavation work. When it comes to maintenance and repair, the blade is easy to manage thanks to the after-sales service provided. Selecting the perfect blade for your tractor is no longer a daunting task, with the Adjustable Tractor Rear Grader Blade, designed to fit diverse tractor models.

Shaoxing Pengxin takes pride in offering such innovative products that revolutionize the farming industry. We invite you to explore our Adjustable Tractor Rear Grader Blade and experience its exceptional performance firsthand. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we promise you won’t be disappointed. So why wait?Use the adjustable¬†Tractor Rear Grader Blade and elevate your farming efficiency to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the delivery time of the Adjustable Tractor Rear Grader Blade?
A: Upon order confirmation, the delivery time is within 30 days. For orders exceeding 3000 pieces, the delivery time will be discussed but will not exceed 60 days.

Q2: What is the material of the disc blade?
A: The disc blade is made from Boron steel and 65Mn steel, ensuring its durability and efficiency.

Q3: Can I request a custom-made blade following my drawing or sample?
A: Yes, we can machine the blade following your drawing or sample to meet your specific needs.