Great Quality Steel Galvanized Flexiride Rubber Torsion Axles For Sale



Great Quality Steel Galvanized Flexiride Rubber Torsion Axles For Sale

Are you in search of high-quality, steel galvanized Flexiride rubber torsion axles for sale? Look no further. Our product, Airui Rubber Torsion Axles, offers a maximum payload of 3500KG and comes in a customized size. It is made of steel, has a black finish, and comes with a painting finish. The axle tube is customer-oriented, and the packaging details are flexible to meet your requirements. This product is suitable for use as trailer parts and has an OE NO. of AC06600000.

The Airui Rubber Torsion Axles are expertly manufactured by the EVER-POWER GROUP, a leading manufacturer specializing in producing brake systems for OEM/after-market. The torsion axles are made from galvanized steel, known for its strength and durability, ensuring a long-lasting product. The rubber torsion gives the axles high flexibility, reducing the impact on the trailer’s frame and providing a smoother ride. The black painting finish gives it a sleek and professional look. Maintenance is also straightforward, with regular checks on the axle tube to ensure it is free of rust and debris. If replacement is needed, the process is simple and can be done with basic tools.

As part of our commitment to providing quality and value to all our customers, we strongly encourage you to explore the Airui Rubber Torsion Axles. The product’s superior quality, flexibility, and durability make it an excellent choice for all your trailer needs. Invest in our products today and enjoy a smoother, safer ride on the road. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button to make your purchase!


  1. What is the maximum payload of the Airui Rubber Torsion Axles?
    The maximum payload is 3500KG.
  2. What is the finish on the Airui Rubber Torsion Axles?
    The axles have a black painting finish.
  3. What is the size of the Airui Rubber Torsion Axles?
    The size is customized to meet your specific requirements.