Farm Tillage Disc Plow/Breaking Plow Disc/Rotary Disc Plow


This disc plow is a high productivity machine, designed for plowing land. It operates on diesel and is suitable for use as a farm cultivator. The new model, 1LYQ-420, has a working width of 800mm and can operate at a depth of 15-20cm. It is equipped with four plow disc blades, each with a diameter of 20” (510mm). The disc plow has a weight of 196kg and can be used with tractors of 35-55hp. It is designed for agricultural plowing of hard land and can be easily mounted on a tractor using a tEPee pointed mount. The package includes one or tEPee sets packed in an iron case, with dimensions of 1100mm*750mm*300mm or 1100mm*750mm*550mm. The product will be shipped from Qingdao, China.

The farm tillage disc plow is an innovative tool with key selling points being its high productivity and the quality of its core components – bearing and plough disc blade. Its superior design ensures good passability and penetration while offering complete inversion and coverage. Its small draft resistance makes it easy to operate and adjust, satisfying agricultural requirements for fine cultivation. The disc plow is made of durable materials, ensuring a long service life. Given its weight of 196kg, it is robust enough to withstand heavy-duty use, yet light enough for easy handling. When choosing a disc plow, it is essential to consider the type of soil and the depth of plowing required. This plow is versatile and can be adjusted to various working depths, making it a reliable option for various farming needs. To maintain the plow, regular inspection and replacement of the disc blades are recommended to ensure optimum performance.

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1. What is the warranty period for the disc plow?

The disc plow comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. What type of tractor is compatible with the disc plow?

The disc plow can be used with tractors of 35-55hp.

3. How do I maintain the disc plow?

Regular inspection and replacement of the disc blades are recommended to ensure optimum performance.