Farm Machine 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough


The 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough is a high-performance farm machine. With a machine type of Disc Plough and power type of Diesel, it is ideal for farm cultivation. The product is new and comes with a warranty of 12 months, providing users with peace of mind. The disc plough weighs 470 KG and has dimensions of 2450mmx1350mmx1000mm. Its key selling points include high productivity and excellent quality. The product comes with a machinery test report and a video outgoing-inspection. The warranty of core components is 6 months, and the core components include bearing. This disc plough is applicable to farms and does not require a showroom location. The working depth is 250-300mm and the working width is 1200mm. The color is customizable, and the product comes with packaging details in an iron case. The port is located in Qingdao, China.

The 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough, apart from being durable and reliable, is designed to deliver high productivity. Powered by diesel, this farm cultivator is an ordinary yet indispensable product for farming tasks. With a working depth of 250-300mm and a working width of 1200mm, it can efficiently plough soil across a large area. Its customizable color allows it to be tailored to the user’s preference. The disc plough uses TEPee-point suspension and its core components include bearing, ensuring long-lasting performance. Furthermore, it offers easy maintenance and replacement, courtesy of its easy-to-understand machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection. The packaging details are thoughtful, with the product securely packed in an iron case for safe transportation.

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Q1: What is the warranty period of the 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough?
A1: The 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough comes with a 12-month warranty.

Q2: What is the working depth and width of the 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough?
A2: The working depth is 250-300mm and the working width is 1200mm.

Q3: What are the core components of the 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough?
A3: The core components of the 1LY-4 Fish Disc Plough include bearing.