Customized 3500 LBS Reliable Torsion Axles Assembly with 5*114.3 PCD Hub and1-2/20 UNF Wheel Nuts for Trailers



Customized 3500 LBS Reliable Torsion Axles Assembly with 5*114.3 PCD Hub and1-2/20 UNF Wheel Nuts for Trailers

Designed for a range of trailers, including mover caravans, this assembly features a robust 3500 LBS payload and a customized size for optimal compatibility. Its torsion type design ensures maximum resistance to twisting forces, while the 5*114.3 bolts pattern hub guarantees a secure fit. The assembly comes with 1-2/20 UNF Wheel Nuts for easy installation and firm grip. It is part of the trailer parts category and carries the OE NO. AC146.

Product Features and Advantages

This high-quality torsion axle assembly is expertly crafted to provide reliable performance for light trailers. With a maximum payload of 3500 LBS, it is robust enough to handle substantial loads. The assembly is fully customizable in size, allowing for seamless integration with various trailer models. The 5*114.3 bolt pattern hub ensures secure attachment, while the 1-2/20 UNF Wheel Nuts facilitate easy installation and removal. The product is manufactured in China and carries the trusted Airui brand name.

The torsion type design offers superior resistance to twisting forces, enhancing the overall stability and durability of the trailer. This assembly is perfect for those seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their trailer axle needs. With proper maintenance, this assembly promises long service life and excellent performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the maximum payload of this axle assembly?A: This axle assembly can handle a maximum payload of 3500 LBS.
  • Q: Is the size of this axle assembly customizable?A: Yes, the size of this axle assembly is fully customizable to suit various trailer models.
  • Q: What type of hub does this axle assembly feature?A: This axle assembly features a 5*114.3 bolt pattern hub for secure attachment.