High in Patna India Quality Rubber, Pearl Pigment Used Mica Powder Mica

High  in Patna India  Quality Rubber, Pearl Pigment Used Mica Powder Mica

EPT is a thermal steady insulating content in the welding-rod coatings EPT and also employed in caulking compounds, lubricants, greases, dry-powEPTfire extinguishers, as a slender coating on rubber surfaces to defeat tackiness and sticking, In exterior house paints reduces managing and sagging, and increases weatherability. The addition of mica to all varieties of sealers for porous surfaces (this sort of as wallboard, masonry, and concrete blocks) tremendously lowers penetration and enhances holdout. The inclusion of mica in road and highway paints increases wearability, offers great adhesion, and minimizes flaking and cracking, also utilized to coat wallpaper simply because it imparts an eye-catching silky or pearly luster, utilized predominantly in paint, plastics and rubber.
We offer muscovite, phlogopite, sericite, biotite and mica powder(dry mica powEPTand damp mica powder).

Chemical composition SiO2 Al2O3 K2O Fe2O3 CaO Na2O MgO H2O
Contents(%) 47.32 33.twenty five 11.82 one.eighty one .03 .96 .ninety one two.seven

Chemical factors
Bodily qualities:

Density (g/m3) Refractive index Whiteness (%) Humidity (%) Radius-thickness ratio Heat Resistance ( deg C) L.O.I. (%)
two.eighty 1.sixty 70-eighty lt1% gt60 1300 2.82-2.nine

Chemical components:

Components SiO2 Al2O3 MgO K2O H2O
Contents% 36-45 ten-17 19-27 7-ten lt1

Physical qualities:

Density(g/cm3) Transparency (%) Mosshardness Whiteness Refractive index Coefficient of elasticity (ten 6Pa)
two.seven-2.9 -twenty five.5 two.78-2.85 60-70 1.6-1.55 1394.five-1874

chemical elements:

Parts SiO2 Al2O3 K2O+Na2O H2O
Contents% 43.thirteen~forty nine.04 27.93~37.forty four 9~eleven four.thirteen~six.12

chemical factors:

Factors SiO2 Al2O3 K2O MgO Na2O S P Burn
Contents% forty five.02 ten.forty six 10.18 16.88 .46 2.forty three .34 one.ninety three

mica powder
Soaked mica powEPTphysical and chemical indicators:

Measurement Display screen margin (%) Sand Articles (%) Bulk density (g/cm3) Water content (%) Decline on Ignition (%) Whiteness Radius-thickness ratio
125um (a hundred and twenty mesh) 250um lt0.1 125um lt3. le1. le0.three le1. le4.3 gt70
90um (one hundred sixty mesh) 180um lt .190um lt5. le1. le0.twenty five
75um (200 mesh) 150um lt .1 75um lt5. le0.six le0.23
45um (325mesh) 112um lt .145um lt5. le0.5
38um (400mesh) 75um lt .1 38um lt5. le0.five

Dry mica powEPTphysical and chemical indicators:

Size Display screen margin (%) Fe contents
1X10 quot
Sand Content (%) Bulk density (g/cm3) Drinking water content (%) Whiteness Radius-thickness ratio
900um (20 mesh) le0.five le400 le0.5 le3.




450um(40 mesh) le0.five le400 le1. le3.
300um(60 mesh) le0.five le800 le1. le3.
150um(100mesh) le0.5 le800 le1. le0.twenty five
75um (200mesh) le1. le800 le1. le0.25
45um(325mesh) le2. le400 le1. le0.22
35um(400mesh) le5. le400 le0.5 le0.22
28um(500mesh) le5. le300 le0.five le0.22
23um(600mesh) le5. le300 le0.5 le0.22
18um(800mesh) le10. le300 le0.5 le0.22
13um(1000mesh) le10. le300 le0.5 le0.22

Grain Dimensions Distribution:

Dimensions +twenty +40 +60 +one hundred +200 +325 -325 Sand Content Iron Content
twenty mesh five 70 plusmn5 twenty five plusmn5 le10 le5 le0.five le100
forty mesh le1 55 plusmn5 40 plusmn5 le10 le1 le400
60 mesh le0.01 le1 45 plusmn5 forty five plusmn5 le15 le1.5 le800
100 mesh le0.01 le1 35 plusmn5 35 plusmn5 le35 le1.5 le1000

1. It can be utilized in cosmetic sector.
2. It is prior filler in paint and coating.
three. It is utilized in defending layer of welding rods, conducting wires and electrical cables.
4. It is the basic raw material for mica porcelain items.
5. It can be used as suspended substance in hearth-preventing dry powder.
six. It can be taken as filler, shelter, lubricating compound, a drawing of styles in plastics, rubber, asbestos merchandise and sealing resources.
seven. It can also be utilised as filler in insulating supplies of high-recurrent electrical waves and acid-tough products.
8. It can be utilized as coating in designs of forecasting metal, the brightening substance in aluminum and paint in electroplating.

High  in Patna India  Quality Rubber, Pearl Pigment Used Mica Powder Mica

High  in Patna India  Quality Rubber, Pearl Pigment Used Mica Powder Mica